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14 Jun 2012


What is a Harvest Moon? 

Most of you all must have known or at least never heard of Harvest Moon. Harvest Moon is a life simulation game Natsume issued on Nintendo systems. Other than anothergame, because this game is not about the adventures against the forces of evil, fighting monsters, or travel the world armed with guns swords, shields, armor, magical items, etc.. Game in the Harvest Moon manages to dwell on the farm / agriculture, ranging from plowing fields, planting seeds and watering plants, picking fruit, gathering eggs, milking cows, slide fleece, horse riding, and of course socializing with other residents in the festival, race, and so forth; armed with hoes, sickles, sprinklers, dairy milker, brush bristles, and the pod. This unique series was a hit and continues to evolve with the revolutionary concept. Series Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is issued for the PlayStation console in 2000, this is probably the most successful series of Harvest Moon and the best. Because, even now many of the new Harvest Moon game on a console that is more sophisticated with more modern designs as well, is still very difficult to shift the position of the game Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is a fan of liver. Why, yes? Childhood is beautiful ... summer holiday in Livestock Grandfather The main character in this game (for the so-called Jack for the sake of ease), because of busy parents, have to spend the summer in her childhood by playing on the farm his grandfather. His grandfather is also very busy with his work as a farmer as well as breeders, so could not accompany him to play there, but his grandfather allowed him to play alone and live as he wishes. Little Jack was playing around: riding a horse (eventually dropped), chasing a chicken (finally chased back), and many others. When tired of play, Jack went to the meadow to lie down for a moment. At that moment a beautiful singing voice; was a little girl singing at the age Jack was there. Soon they were friends and played together every day. When it came time for Jack to come home, she felt sad. She asks Jack promised to come back here someday ...

Farming ... Farming ... Not That Easy!

Years later, Jack returned to Mineral Town, where farms / farming grandfather. After the death of his grandfather, the land there had not been taken care of; barren, dirt, weeds everywhere. Major cities to explain to him that to be the recognized heir to the farm in the village / town, Jack had to work hard to make this land fertile again and successful as it once was: full of crops, eggs, milk, and forest products. If Jack can not reach the target in 3 years, then he should go ... So, as Jack on the farm in a small house with makeshift equipment, money 500 G and a dog (the name of the character, agriculture, dogs, and so you make your own); have to work hard. Inside the house you can watch TV, save tooling, and other items. For the first few days you can start with a tour of the city (mayor will guide you if you like); acquainted with various people.

There are many small family like family Tailor Blacksmith, Wine Sellers, Library Keeper, Executive Accommodation, Sales in Supermarkets, Pastor of the Church, Chicken Rancher, Cattle Farmer, Carpenter, and so on. Establish a good relationship with everyone is one step for u can still live in the village / town. But as a good farmer, of course, you should start by buying some seeds at the Supermarket. The seeds can be planted only in the right season (there are four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter); planting certain seeds in one season will only make the seed is gone. After purchasing the right seeds, go back to the farm, and use your hoe; dig a large enough place to plant the seeds. Once ready, spread the seeds, then doused with sprinklers! Clean water can be drawn from the pool next to your chicken coop, like the real thing, yes! Do not forget; bad weather such as storms or heat can damage the plant. Rainy weather; even help in watering the plants, can make your body tired. Be sure to see the weather forecast on TV every day.

Of course, with very little capital as it is very difficult to survive here! For extra income, you can go to the hill to take the debt such as bamboo shoots, flowers, mushrooms too. On the hill there is also a hot water bath to restore stamina. Yes, if you work continuously without stopping, you will be tired, and might pass out! In addition to a hot bath before, eat a variety of foods (either raw or cooked) will restore your strength. You can also dig in a cave to get the mine, such as iron ore, silver, or copper. In addition to be sold, you can use it to improve the functioning of these tools your farming! When the appliance your farming (water sprinkler, shovel, hammer, sickle, or ax) has a lot of you are wearing and have enough 'experience', you can bring it to the blacksmith with iron ore or mineral is appropriate, and the ability your tool will grow! For example, with the hoe Lv. 2, you can dig two plots in a swing, or rock hard and big you can mash it with a hammer Lv. 3, etc.. The higher, the better.

Having had enough money, buy a chicken and the food. When chickens are fed up enough, they will lay eggs every day. Eggs can be sold or bred become a chick that will grow up to be a new adult chickens. Note: to get the eggs that could be cultured (Fertilized Egg) you must have a pair of male and female chickens! Similarly, the cow, after great, you can every day milking with a milking device (must be purchased first). The quality and abundance of milk and eggs produced livestock dependent care; when loved, fed regularly, and often talk to, they will be happy and give high quality results such as eggs and milk GOLD! Do not forget also the horse; while not giving a concrete result, when big you could ride around the village, mountain climbing, and can be included at the races! When each animal the more love you, they can be summoned by whistling or ringing the bell (for cattle). The more you love, the more obedient they are. Later, over time and develop relationships with other people, you can keep the fish, fishing, etc. to take various kinds of events like new year festival and cook, race chickens, cows, sheep, and dogs, dance, music performances, as well as pool season tournament heat. When trouble taking care of livestock and agriculture alone, do not hesitate to ask for help the fairies in the woods. But do not force it, yes! Because they also have time for a holiday.

Long Life and Good ... To get married!
When the farm is quite advanced and crowded, it's time for you to think more about future plans: marriage! In town, there are 5 girls who you can invite friends, to get really close and you can make fall in love and marry. They have a heart indicator, color and size indicate how strongly they feel to you. Beginning to see certain black-no feeling whatsoever, but can increase to a friend, close friend, to love. Certainly not easy to approach them; after you have known each other for a chat with him often, participating in various events that involve their maca, member gifts, and do not forget to congratulate on the birthday! Yes, everyone including you has a birthday itself (for you, you set yourself), and they will be very happy if you say good, even giving gifts (can be gift wrapped!). So it is with the girls, they have properties, preferences, schedules of activities, even of different secrets. For every girl you were thinking about a rival, if you fail, your rival will marry the girl of your choice ... T_T If you managed to make a girl fall in your love, you can propose to her and marry her. But to get married you should already have a house big enough (with 2 beds, refrigerators, etc. may be asked to expand on the Carpenter) in order enough to stay together. After marriage, your position in Mineral Town is guaranteed; and if your relationship with the wife is well kept, you can have children! Wife and child to be treated; to talk, given gift, and so on. Of a simple farmer became one happy family ...! Woow! Is not that amazing!? In short, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is one of the most innovative and life simulation game the most fun to play for all people. Be sure to play this game at least once in your life! Especially for fans of the game, if not ever play it, guaranteed sorry! Get immediate in-store video game store near you, and learn to live as a peasant full of hard work!

Graphics: 70 B +
Sound: 75 B + +
Games: 90 A +
Features: 95 A + +
Story: 80 A
Overall: 82 A
E (0-20): Severe
D (21-40): Poor
C (41-60): Less
B (61-80): Fair
A (81-99): Good
S (100): PERFECT!
Date of Birthday and Gift Shopping

Louis: Spring 2 Honey, Jam.
Saibara: Spring 11 - The iron ore.
Elli: Spring 16 - Interest. Hard worker, he secretly favored by the doctor. When ultahmu Summer 16, Summer birthday Elli will be 20.

except Wednesday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Clinic
Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Hers
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Supermarket
4:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Hers
Barley: Spring 17 - Interest.
Lillia: Spring 19 - Flowers, Honey, Jam.
Greg: Spring 26 - big fish, Fish are, fish food.
Sasha: Spring 30 - Flowers, Flour, Honey.

Popuri: Summer 3 - Flowers, Honey. She likes all that cute. Rick lives with his sister and his mother Lilia at the Poultry Farm. When the day your birthday Summer 3, Summer 10 birthday so. Even rival, Kai appears only in the summer, you still have to try to please Popuri.

When the weather is good: Except Sunday
7:30 AM - 10:00 AM - Hot Springs
10:30 AM - 6:00 PM - Hers

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM - Church (summer only)
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Church
1:30 PM - 4:00 PM - Rose Square
When the weather is bad: except Sunday
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM - Hers

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Church
Harris: Summer 4 - Interest, Onigiri.
Cliff: Summer 6 - Onigiri, Spa-Boiled Egg. Staying at the Inn. If you ask her to work in the Vineyard, he'll be your friend. Basil: Summer 11-Flowers.
Ann: Summer 17-Spa Boiled Egg. Tomboy girl, so her father (Doug) Ann is not afraid to get married. Ann cook smart and friendly. Cliff is a competitor to get Ann. Ann will invite to the birthday event when the parameter feelings are purple or more. Do not forget to come with the prize. When ultahmu Summer 17, Summer Birthday Ann would be 22.

When the weather is good: 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM-Hotspring, 10:30 AM to 10:00 PM - Inn
When inclement weather: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM-Inn
Kai: Summer 22 - Flour, Oil. Only appeared in the summer (when married to Popuri settled). Cheerful and forthright person.
Zach: Summer 29 - Onigiri.

Gotz: Fall 2 - Materials.
Stu: Fall 5 - Honey, Juice, Jam.
Hoggy: Fall 10. Sprite dressed in yellow, hobbies sleep.
Manna: Fall 11 - Honey, Flower.
Karen: Fall 15 - Wine. Gorgeous, voters, like to drink to forget their problems. The only woman Karak-ter that can be found at the Inn at night. When birthday Fall 15, Fall 23 birthday so. Rick loved it and always jealous of Kai.

When the weather is good: Except Sunday and Tuesday
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - outside of the Clinic / Supermarket
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - House
1:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Supermarket
7:30 PM - 10:00 PM - Mineral Beach

Sunday, Tuesday
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM - outside of the Clinic / Supermarket
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - House
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - Hot Springs
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Inn
When the weather is bad: Except for Sunday, Tuesday
9:00 AM - 7:00 PM - Supermarket

Sunday, Tuesday
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - House Gotz
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM - Inn
Doctor: Fall 17 - Poisonous Mushroom. Very busy person but he was friendly.
Anna: Fall 23-Honey, Flour.
Rick: Fall 27 - Food Chicken. Was nice, but she did not like Kai. Living in the Poultry Farm.

Kano: Winter 2 - Flowers, Mushrooms.
Gray: Winter 6 - Iron Ore. Lived with and worked for his grandfather Saibara. He was shy and felt underappreciated by his grandfather. If it was not working he is usually there in the library.
Doug: Winter 11 - Flour, Curry Flour, Oil.
Ellen: Winter 13 - Onigiri, Bread, Egg, Spa-Boiled Egg.
Duke: Winter 15-Bread, Onigiri, Spa-Boiled Egg.
Won: Winter 19
Mary: Winter 25 - Bamboo Shoots (bamboo shoots). A sweet girl, loves to talk about books. When ultahmu Winter 25, Winter 25 birthday Mary so. At first he was not aware that Gray liked him.

When the weather is good: Except for Monday:
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM - Library

7:00 AM - 10:00 AM - Mother's Hill
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM - in his home
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - in the Supermarket
When the weather is bad: except Monday:
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM-Library

10:00 AM - 12:30 PM - in his home
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM - in the Supermarket
Other characters
Pastor Carter
Sprite: fairies who live in the trees behind the church. Sprites like accessories, apple pie, bodigizer, bread, butter, cake, cookies, fruit juices, green grass, honey, hot milk, hours, omelets, relaxation tea, strawberry milk, sweet potatoes, mix juices, pizza, wild grapes, wine and yarn. (Do not forget to wrap the gift in the store.) They do not like big animals.
Bold (purple shirt): Spring 4
STAID (blue shirt): Spring 15.
Aqua (blue shirt): Spring 26.
Timid (green shirt): Summer 16
Hoggy (yellow shirt): Fall 10.
Chef (red shirt): Fall 14.
Nappy (orange shirt): Winter 22
Cat: If you ask for help, use only 3-4 sprites, do not call it because later when you really need to mention they are too busy with their own work. Unless you want to work on large-scale fields, about 10-20 rows, then you will need 7 people at once.
Gourmet: A dandy who came to assess the food each person who follows the food festival.
Heart Key
Parameter feeling you girl. Remember that you can marry is Ann, Elli, Karen, Mary, or Popuri. (For the HM for Girl cliff, Kai, Rick, Doctor, or Gray)
Black: There is no sense of any Purple: Be polite to you
Blue: As a friend
Green: Like You
Yellow: Domestic, tame pigeons
Orange: Lured
Red: Love

The Village
1. Farm
2. Blacksmith (Blacksmith)
10am-4pm. Closed on every Thursday.
3. AJA Winery
9am-12pm. Closed on Saturdays.
4. Mary's House
5. Library
10am-4pm. Closed on Mondays.
6. Ellen's House
Residence Ellen, Stu, and Eli.
7. Mayor's House
When the Mayor came out, his friend Kano normally be here.
8. Supermarket
9am-5pm. Closed on every Tuesday and Sunday
Supermarket connect with Karen home.
9. Inn
Doug and Ann lived here. Kai, Cliff, and Gray stayed in the room above. And at night after 8pm, many villagers can be found sitting around drinking. Won, sellers strange seeds, can also be found here.
10. Clinic
9 AM-4 PM. Closed on every Wednesday.
Doctoral and Eli work here.
11. Church
Father has always been here. Kakater many others can be found here from time to time, like Cliff, Popuri, Stu and May.
12. Sprites' Home
It is located in the trees behind the church.
13. Rose Square
Where most of the festival. There is a trash can located in this area.
14. Mineral Beach
Zach, in charge of sending the packet, and Greg live here. Beach is home to one or two celebrations that are appropriate locations for fishing.
15. Yodel Farm
9am-3pm. Closed on Mondays. Barley and May lived here. You can buy and sell animals such as sheep and cows There are several festivals held here. If you decide to maintain your dog Hana, Yodel Farm Dog, you have to stop by every day to keep your dog happy.
16. Poultry Farm
12pm-4pm. Closed on Sundays.
Residence Popuri, Lillia, and Rick. In addition Poultry Farm is also where you can buy or sell the chickens and get a chicken farm-related supplier.
17. Carpenter's House
If you are looking for something to upgrade the farm, this is the place you should go. Gotz, the carpenter, not having a fixed time, and he often found wandering around the mountains looking for food and wood. Louis also lived here. Around the house there is plenty of wood for Gotz you cut down.
18. Hot Spring
Spa is located in the outside environment. When your character is getting tired, spent an hour in the spa to restore your energy.
19. Lake Kappa
There is a Winter Mine only can you dig in the winter.
20. Mother's Hill summit
The highest mountain peak.
21. Mother's Hill
In the mountains there are many objects. Depending on the season, you can go there to here in this area to get the fruits and berries. You can also get wood, flowers, and more.

The Cave
This place is behind the waterfall near the Hot Spring. Use cangkulmu to find the seeds in order to upgrade your equipment. Its value as well as other objects, such as money. When digging, you sometimes encounter stairs that take you to the lower areas. The lower area is tambangmu, here you can find better things.
1: New Years Festival: Rose Square. Drinking with adults at the Inn (beware not to much to drink). To dance with her, went to the Square.
8: Spring Goddess Festival: Rose Square
14: Thangksgiving Festival: For those out homemade cookies to the girls. 18: Horse Race: Although you come late, you can follow all of the race (there are 3).
22: Cooking Festival: Check the food issued by the other contestants, maybe you'll find something.
To win must use a lot of food, quality, and the right tools. A complicated recipe also increase the likelihood of winning. Spices a little more or less had no effect. Ingredients such as eggs and milk that has nothing to count the numbers on manufacturing expertise. For cake, when most of the eggs or milk, going to fail. But for those whose quality can be summed, as in a recipe use 2 eggs, no problem. Try the first recipe that will be contested because there is a suitable material with certain dishes that do not exist.

1: Sea Opening: Power Berry can only be obtained by winning the first race. During the race, alternating between breathing and swimming interspersed (O button and the box). Just before the finih did last spurt, desperately swimming. If it had, the previous search and read a book about the festival and swimming in the library.
7: Chicken Festival: In addition to the maximum amount of chicken heart (10), when the chickens are dealing with each other, press the O button to shout encouragement. When the opponent's taunt, immediately countered with shouts of encouragement.
12: Tomato Festival: War
20: Cow Festival: Yodel Ranch. Win-lose depending on the number of liver your cow ..
24: Fire Works Display: You can watch a couple appointments beforehand.

3: Music Festival: The Church, 6 PM.
9: Harvest Festival: Rose Square, 10 AM. The response of the population depends on food do you have to put Village Pot.
13: Moon Viewing Festival: At the top of the mountain maybe you'll meet a girl that you liked most.
24: Sheep Festival: Yodel Ranch. Lambs, pregnant sheep, and sheep are sheared can not contested.
25: Fall Horse Race

10: Dog Race: Rose Square, 10 AM. Depending on the amount of heart and dog agility. If the dog dexterity is low, take a little distance away from the dog (not excessive). To improve the heart, not out of the house during bad weather and embrace it once a day. Dog Ball exercises with increasing dexterity.
14: Winter Thanksgiving Festival: The girl will give you a chocolate-colored heart, which gave him the green chocolate cake. Popuri came at 6, at 8 Ann, Elli at 10, Karen 1, and Maria at 3. (If you keep the chocolate that they provide for a few days, you can give back to their chocolate as gifts and they do not seem too concerned that you return their gift)
24: Star Night Festival: Women who had a purple heart will invite a party at his house. The event begins at 6 PM.
30: New Years: Mother's Hill. On top of this hill, you can find a rare flower snow, Eli wanted to see my grandmother before she died.

g Animal Medicine
To treat pets. Can be purchased at the Yodel Ranch or the Poultry Farm.
g Bell
To call the cattle out of or into the cage. It is easier than pushing them all over the place. Buy from the Blacksmith (the Saibara).
g Blue Feather
Price - 1000g
To apply the parameters of her feelings (heart picture) red. Buy at the Supermarket.
g Blue Vase
Price - 5000G
Won will sell it to you if your house has been fully upgraded. Place the flowers in it, serves to reduce fatigue.
g Cow Potion
Price - 3000g
Make a cow pregnant. Buy at Yodel Ranch.
g Dog Ball
Price - 100G
Very useful to train your dog, so I can win Dog Race and help herd cattle. Dollars will be offered in the fall (Fall).
g Fishing Rod
Price - 0G
Fishing rod. Talk with Greg in the Spring of first and he will give it.
g Fishing Pole
Price - 0G
Fishing rod, the more the result of the Fishing Rod. Greg will be given if the fish in your pool totaled 50 or more. For that you must be diligent to fish and feed your fish (evenly from the edge of the pool).
g Medium Rucksack
Buy at the Supermarket. Tool can take 4 and 4 items.
g Large Rucksack
Price-weighs 5000g
Tool and can carry 8 8 tools. Can be purchased at the supermarket 10 days after you buy the Medium Rucksack.
g Sheep Potion
Cost - 3000g
Description - Create a pregnant adult sheep. Buy at Yodel Ranch.
g Shears
Cost - 1800G
Description - For shearing sheep. The result can be sold and the getting of love thy flock.
Home Shopping Network.
Every Saturday morning, your television will broadcast offers kitchen items from Home Shopping Network channel. You will need these items to practice the recipes. To order, you must call from the Tavern (worth 10G per call). Usually delivery time is 3 days item. After all items from Shopping Channel in the message, television will change.
Knife: 3,000 G
Frying Pan: 2,500 G
Pot: 2000 G
Mixer: 2,500 G
Whisk (shaker): 1,000 G
Rolling Pin (to make noodles): 1,500 G
Oven (for making cakes, pies, and cookie): 5,000 G
Set Seasoning (seasoning, consisting of salt, sugar, vinegar, oyster sauce, miso paste): weighs 5000g
Power Fruit (increase energy 10): weighs 5000g
Life cycle of harvest
Growth of the plants that you plant will experience a growth cycle. When this growth will depend on how to use. If you continue to use the same land continuously, the plants will grow more slowly at a given time period. If you wish to continue using the same area of ​​land used to grow crops and reap the harvest, which depends from one harvest season ends, use a hammer to friable soil to become normal again. Then a back hoe. You may want to place a different crop in the area to keep the soil remains fertile. Also, if you forget to water the crops, this will lead to a growth time is not fixed. Note: Once the seeds have been a plant, you do not need to give water. The grass will be left in the turnover year (although it would be covered by snow in winter) so you do not need to plant new grass every season. Recommendation: If you plan to plant some seeds of the same plant in different days. This will cause them not to grow in the same time and you do not have to spend all day just to farm, so you do not have to miss a golden opportunity to seduce women. 

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